From the Desk of George Rathmell

Army Chaplain, Retired





In January, I began a campaign to replace our seven-term congressman in the upcoming May 17 Republican primary. I am blessed with committed volunteers. A recap of some of the events follows. I was hit with a devious lawsuit that virtually ended an effective campaign. We have achieved much for the future because of the reaction to the underhanded attack that disenfranchised every one of us. We have more volunteers for 2024.


Thanks to God for fantastic friends, and those who support our vision. The incumbent politician seldom speaks up for our issues. His congressional voting record is disappointing. Our opposition to him was crippled by the court maneuver that wiped my name off the ballot on legal but frivolous grounds. His participation in Congress conducted as at present will never turn things around. Congress must return to days of fasting and prayer in strenuous times.



My supporters are encouraged as we prepare for the next campaign whether I run again or or my entire team decides to support someone else. Thank you for your generous financial support. Do not send any more contributions at present.
In Pennsylvania, candidates for Congress have to acquire 1000 nominations in 18 days. We were blessed with over 1300. On March 14, the Pennsylvania Department of State (DOS) accepted them at face value. On March 23, I learned that two voters sued to have my name removed from the ballot. This was my wake up call. It is absolutely impossible to obtain adequate legal counsel at any price on such short notice.


That effectively denied me my right of counsel.



Therefore, on April 1, I represented my campaign in court. The plaintiffs were represented by a Philadelphia law firm that obtained a handwriting expert as a witness. Backed by hundreds of praying partners, I was completely at peace in the court room as the attacks mounted throughout the day.



For occupation, my petitions stated Army Chaplain, Pastor, Volunteer. Since I had not served in uniform for 28 years, every nomination was vacated by the court. The lawyers went to great lengths to imply that saying I was a chaplain was deceptive.

The trial then proceeded to the point that 411 signatures were eliminated a second time for various reasons. That put me below the 1000 nominations threshold in a separate attack. Since the trial, we have had dozens of people state that the reasons for their names being removed were incorrect.



The court challenge was an extreme tactic. Even if I had been successful in court, I lost valuable campaigning because our team had to prepare for the lawsuit. My inexperience in political power plays left me open to a legal blind side attack.
We will build upon our foundation. We will work with local Republicans who were disenfranchised by these tactics. We also welcome independents and Democrats who are horrified at the internal attacks against American values.
I will continue to encourage pastors to pray publically for our government and government officials.
Pray for pastors. They need to engage in biblical education of our rights and responsibilities as citizens.
The prayer support from Christians and the encouraging support I have benefited from throughout this entire project has exceeded my wildest expectations. Thank you.


May God continue to bless you.
Pray for our political incumbents.
Pray for your representative and your senators.
They need to look out for we the people rather than feather their own nests,
We must not give up on God granting revival.
We are not discouraged.
We have much to do.
Thank God for each of you who helped along the way. Take heart. We know not what our future holds.


In out Savior’s love.
George Rathmell

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Pennsylvania's 15th congressional district

Number subject to change due to redistricting


Pray that we Love God


*  God inspired the United States through His “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”.  

*  God’s inspiration gave us our Constitution.

*   Imperfect men almost destroyed that inspiration by allowing the evils of slavery.   National unity was restored but the cost was and is terrible.

*   As with slavery, the greatest peril to America today lies within.

*   Exploding progressive practices are enslaving Americans of all races.  

*   The FBI, the CIA and the IRS are abusing the God given rights of citizens.  The FBI and the CIA must be immediately reformed or abolished.  A national sales tax eliminates the need for the IRS and the income tax.

*   I am running to shed truth on progressive lies.

*  I am running to rebuild our national unity through truth.

*  I am running to encourage Love for God, Love for your neighbor.

*  I am running to urge respect for the Ten Commandments.

*  I am running to urge respect for the entire Bill of Rights.

*  Now is the time to save America!

*   Lord, Draw us closer to Yourself and each other. May we disagree without becoming disagreeable.  Some members of Congress pray together now.  Draw ever increasing numbers of our legislators together in prayer.  May their prayer times bring mighty tides of Renewal.  Amen.


Army Chaplain 1974 - 1994

*  We were honored with the privilege of serving with the US Army.

* Our Armed forces are special people.  Pray for them.

*  We love them.  They sacrifice for America.

*  We pray they will get good political support to effectively protect America.



DEAR LORD, Thank You for those who guard America.  Strengthen their loved ones who often endure long periods of separation.  Keep them safe.  May we pray the provisions of Psalm 91 for them.  


  • 1965 Graduated from Penn State 
  • 1966-1969 Chemist, Project engineer, Navy Ordnance Station, Indian Head MD
  • 1971 Honored and blessed to be united in Marriage with my Sweetheart, Judy
  • 1974 Graduated from Talbot Theological Seminary
  • 1974 Ordained a pastor in the Evangelical Free Church of America
  • 1974-1994 US Army Chaplain
  • 1994-2007 Guest pastor, Industrial chaplain, pastor.
  •  2011-2021 Volunteer prayer coordinator with Family Research Council
  • Blessed of God to enjoy 50 years with my Sweetheart
  • Thankful father and grandfather of 4 children, three of whom and married, and 12 grandchildren

Pray that we Love our Neighbors


Pray for Revival

George Rathmell 4 Congress

Pray that we will be freed from the oppression of the Unholy Triumvirate

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Pray for our Government to be of the People, by the People and for the People