Pastors, Priests and Rabbis

God gave you his word.

God gave you the Right of Free Speech.

It is enshrined in the United States Constitution.

Use it before you lose it.

God gave you the pulpit to speak truth!

Your congregation needs your wisdom in the voting booth.
Your preaching will help them discern the best candidates.
You can educate your flock about the relative values of the party platforms.
You are not advocating a political party by teaching your congregation about government evil harming America.
Big Government, Big Media and Big Tech have coalesced into a sledgehammer to demand how we think and speak.

The Unholy Triumvirate

The Unholy Triumvirate has morphed into
Big Brother.
The Unholy Triumvirate slanders parents as terrorists for speaking at school board meetings.
The Unholy Triumvirate demands that you are ignorant of what government schools teach your children.
The Unholy Triumvirate demands tax dollars to eliminate preborn children.
The Unholy Triumvirate demands no mention of God except in profanity.
The Unholy Triumvirate eliminates conservative voices.
The Unholy Triumvirate oppresses citizens.
The Unholy Triumvirate believes they know what is best.