Foreign Policy

Determinants of Foreign Policy

  • Christian Biblical worldview as a believer in my Lord Jesus Christ
  • America First
  • Support Israel based on biblical imperatives
  • US Army Chaplain

Non Negotiables

  • Peace through strength!
  • American global leadership focused on our vital national interests.
  • If we don’t lead – the bad guys will!
  • Military strength, global diplomatic leadership and world economic leader are a three-legged stool. Lose one…the stool collapses.
  1. Capitalism 
  2. Equality of opportunity (Capitalism) not equality of outcome (Socialism or Communism)
  3. Free and fair markets
  4. Reduced regulations
  5. Low Taxes – Retain Trump’s tax structure until replaced with a better one, a fair tax.
  6. Regain US energy independence
  7. Pro-growth and pro-small business policies
  8. Reject the Green New Deal Socialist Economy
  • Make it in America – Reduce US manufacturing reliance on China!
  1. Return key manufacturing to the US:  Pharmaceuticals, robotics, defense items, computer chips, strategic minerals and specialized metals, etc.
  2. Return jobs to the US
  3. US supply chain chaos is caused by relying on China.


Peoples Republic of China (PRC)

  • US-PRC Cold War: China has conducted Cold War against us for two decades.
  • We have ignored this reality at our existential peril!
  • Declare that we are in a Cold War with China. Muster all aspects of US power to confront this reality. Inform and prepare the American people for this reality –- they already know it!
  • Taiwan: Abandon current policy of “Strategic ambiguity” towards Taiwan.  It is Strategic Nonsense.  China must never doubt our strategic certainty to defend Taiwan.
  • The Wuhan Virus (Covid-19) and Fentanyl Plagues Require PRC Reparations: Over past 10 years the PRC has unleashed twin plagues on the US. With over 828,000 Wuhan Virus dead and approximately 200,000 opioid drug overdose deaths from fentanyl, the US should retain maximum economic pressures (tariffs) and demand reparations from PRC in the amount of $5T. (Note PRC currently holds ~$1.3T of US debt).







US Afghanistan Withdrawal and Surrender to Taliban

US unilateral, unnecessary and chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021 was a totally avoidable disaster and our greatest national disgrace and debacle in our lifetime.

We dishonored the loyal service of our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines who served, bled and died in our 20 years of war in Afghanistan.

As a result of our national security team’s incompetent and disastrous decisions:


  • US deserted and left behind at least 500+ US citizens, an estimated 15,000 key Afghans (SIVs) who directly supported US forces, US Embassy and other governmental agencies. We have abandoned them to be hunted down, tortured and left to cruel deaths at the hands of the Taliban.
  • The loss of Bagram Airbase will have grave consequences in our competition with PRC.
  • Our allies no longer can trust us and our enemies no longer fear us. Weakness begets aggression!


US Southern Open Immigration Border Disaster

Since the president took the Oath of Office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) has processed and released into the US more than 2 million illegals from over 160 countries.  They have had token background checks.  There are no medical screenings while our citizens are under oppressive medical restrictions.

An estimated additional 300K – 500K illegals have crossed and escaped undetected into the US interior without any contact with the US authorities or CBP.

The President’s open invitation for aliens to break the law has resulted in 3M-4M illegal aliens invading the US.  The chief law enforcer is the chief law breaker.

He is deliberatly destroying the fabric of American life.

He has turned our US southern border and our nation’s future over to the Govt. of Mexico. 

Mexican criminal cartels and other Central American gangs do as they please..

Government sponsored invasion of our Southern border includes (but is not limited to); Increased violent crime, illegal drug trade, human trafficking, general border chaos, and rampant welfare fraud.  It has also opened us wide to Islamist terrorist attacks far worse than 9/11.

His deliberatly created clear and present danger is an impeachable offense!